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Backing Track Express has been creating Choral Backing Tracks and duplicating tracks for over 15 years. Our most rewarding work has been for schools and theater groups. We produce, edit and customize the backing tracks you need for your performances. Nobody does them more accurately than Backing Track ExpressTheater groups & Choirs need new material to perform nearly every year so you need an affordable production service you can trust. Few in the business can do this right! It’s not something for beginners!


Most songs do not have backing tracks, and vocal elimination never works. The licensing and cost of material can also be pricey from the publisher. We have made many Disney pieces like “Frozen” because it’s cheaper to make them than to pay for the performance rights and backing tracks from the publisher A Broadway track is complex and always challenging. The timing must be perfect for the choreography. Accuracy is everything. There is nothing that replaces experience. You will find us affordable & immediately responsive to your requests anytime you need Professional Choral Backing Tracks.



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We will make any song and customize it the way you want. Rush orders are OK, your show is important. You will need to let us know the time frame of your performance so we can have it completed on time. We will change the key, tempo, arraignment or make any other custom features that your performance needs. Include your instructions! The Choral Backing Tracks are produced with the highest quality and lowest price anywhere. 


So keep this web site. You may not need a track now but may in the future!

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Choral Backing Tracks


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Backing Track Express | (818) 360-5769


You can reply directly to Backing Track Express through our site or call us. There’s a lot of info and demos at our site. Read “How we do it” and “Getting Started”. Let us know if you have something in the works for the new school year. 

To begin, just copy and paste a you tube link or send an mp3 of the track to us for evaluate. Once you submit a track, we will get right back to you with a price. Once you approve the price submitted, we start on your track immediately. 


Choral Backing Tracks


Billing goes through PayPal. You can count on us! We’re located near Hollywood, CA.  You can call us at 818 360-5769 anytime.



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