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“Backing Track Express is a production service that specializes in creating high quality custom backing tracks. Any song, regardless of style or genre can be made into custom backing tracks. We also produce original songs. Songs can be customized and can even be put in your ideal key. Our music tracks don’t sound like amateur store bought tracks. We custom create our custom backing tracks new and fresh track by track! We do not use vocal elimination for professional tracks, that leaves the track sounding washed out. This service is for those who demands better quality custom production. You could be a singer, school, choir director or anyone who needs custom backing tracks. We usually create those songs not found in stores or online anywhere. There’s some very bad tracks out there. We’re not a Karaoke store selling the same tracks to everybody. Jazz, Big Band, Show, Orchestral and the more complex custom backing tracks take a little more time and will run more. Some of these more complex custom backing tracks are so advanced and difficult that you won’t find anyone but us that can do it right. Each track is custom created for you personally. Your track will be unique and remain one of a kind. It will be copied exactly like the original, same key and everything unless there are custom instructions you require. Your new custom backing tracks are sent to you as a high resolution mp3 and as a wave if you request. Pro Tools sessions can also be sent as an upload! Send a you tube link or mp3 of the song you want to do and we’ll get back to you with an honest price. You can count on us.” -David Day/Producer

We have the best custom backing tracks and library of band backing tracks out there. We work continually with many professional bands in who seek those additional parts most live bands are missing. Most songs need to be custom produced for you, they’re simply not out there.


Tracks can be sped up or slowed down through time compression expansion without changing the pitch. Tracks can be edited into medleys. That would involve some extra time and cost. The library tracks we have for bands are all of the original full length version of the songs. They are the same tempos, arrangements and have endings near where the tracks fade. (Fades are applause Killers)



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The Mp3 or YouTube link is converted to a wave file and imported into a Pro Tools Session. The song is lined up on a time grid to the exact tempo, replayed bar by bar, Part by part.


Each instrument meticulously emulated. We mainly use the Roland, Korg, & Yamaha sound libraries, their samples are the best! After the midi is recorded the midi tracks are converted to Audio. Then the track is mixed & recorded in the Digital mode , Bounced to a Wave. This allows automation and plug-ins to be used and results in a hotter recording. We carefully compare the mix to the original for accuracy.


Custom Backing Tracks


Most Karaoke recordings are not converted from midi, that’s why they sound thin and generic. We then send you back an mp3 of your new finished backing tracks at the highest resolution! A downloaded WAV or the actual Pro Tools session can be sent through our download service by request! We can help you find the track if you can’t find it. Some of the originals we produce for our clients make it to Radio!


Let us know if you need a rush order!

*We accept all credit cards and debit cards through Pay Pal.

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David Day & Jenny Day Music Producers

Patsy Day- Advertising & Secretary

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Call anytime or e-mail at: jrunner@earthlink.net

We are located in the Hollywood, California area.


The existing library can be purchased 1 song at a time for $20, but
bundle prices are available. We will also send the originals they were constructed from. A bundle price for 10 would be $150. They’re available in 1 bar or 2 bar intro clicks. We use Pay Pal for payments and on the first transaction we require 1/2 down, the remaining balance due after you have received all of the tracks. After you are established with us we just send 1 Pay Pal for tracks. The tracks would be sent as mp3’s or high resolution download WAVS, which are the best quality. Our main business is creating those custom backing tracks you can’t find but we believe we have the best library available period when it comes to any custom backing tracks

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Custom Backing Tracks


Although there is no perfect vocal Elimination, You can Eliminate a vocal enough for a non professional performance.

You may have a wedding, party, karaoke show or just want to sing a song for a fun one time performance and don’t need a professionally produced track. Then the low cost option of vocal elimination might work for you.

Understand, There is usually a bit of the vocal and vocal reverb left over in the track. We use a system of phase cancellation which takes out the center of the track where a vocal is usually placed. Vocal elimination takes out most of the vocal but the track is left a bit washed out. By adding eq and gain back in it can sound ok. You could sing over it and the previous vocal would barely be there. Your voice would mask the original vocal and it would act as a double track. That would sound all right to the listener.

If you are a professional, have a band, original songs, recording a cd, doing a television show or video this won’t work. The record company and your manager will notice! Vocal elimination is for the amateur, not the pro!


Contact us if this is the low cost solution that work for you.

It generally runs $25 to $35. If it doesn’t work to our satisfaction we will notify you and there will be no charge.


Band Backing Tracks (DEMO)


(Pre Made Backing Tracks for Digital Downloads)

Custom Backing Tracks
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